Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pixelpost Review

Company name: Pixelpost


Pixelpost is a niche open-source application for effective photo blog management. This is a quite neat service that does exactly what it says. If you want to regularly post your photos on the web like a blog, Pixelpost sounds like a great solution.

Among the features offered by Pixelpost are smooth install assistant, fancy admin stuff, multi-lingual support, addons and spam filter, feed options, free template gallery and others. No doubt, the major and the coolest thing in Pixelpost is that it’s free and open source. Therefore, this application is very flexible and customization-friendly. You can browse the Featured Sites category to see Pixelpost in action. You can also look through the template gallery and read user reviews that will help you make the right choice.

It’s good that you can look at the system before download it. It has a simple, easy-to-handle interface which made a positive impression upon me. If you don’t have professional skills in web development, you will make pretty well using the basic template and pre-built functionality. Of course, a uniquely designed, featured website will require some more advanced knowledge. However, you can always consult experts from the community – Pixelpost has its own forum. Besides, they provide users with necessary documentation.

You can read the information on releases, updates and other application related reviews in Pixelpost’s blog. Bugs and fixes are also announced there and like in any open-source projects, bugs happen sometimes. As for hosting, you can host your photo blog with any provider that meets the requirements of Pixelpost.

In conclusion I’d like to admit that if you are looking for a full-blown CMS or regular blog solution, Pixelpost is not for you. But it’s a brilliant photo blog solution that takes specific requirements for this type of websites into consideration. Pixelpost can be used by both beginners and pros - it’s open source so the level of customization totally depends on your technical savvy.

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