Friday, January 8, 2010

FlashPalette Review

Company name: FlashPalette


FlashPalette produces editable flash photography templates which can be controlled via desktop Adobe AIR application. You can both see the live preview of templates and download the admin interface to play with. This is exactly what I’ve done and below is my brief report.

There are 20 templates divided into three categories: Basic, Standard and Premium. Prices vary from $66/$88 for the Basic package, $100/$150 for Standard templates and $250 for Premium sites. Nice thing is that there is no subscription fee required and you can host your website on your own server. FlashPalette doesn’t host websites,although giving a customer possibility to choose where to reside a website would be great.

Basic templates come with weak designs and limited functionality including only 5 text pages, single portfolio with multiple galleries and some limited music options. Templates from the Standard category give a user more features, such as built-in shopping cart, multiple portfolios and custom background. $250 templates are most rich in functions: adjustable images, unlimited images and galleries, different music for galleries and overall site, custom backgrounds and built-in shopping cart. Still, I must say, this is not enough to pay off $250. The overall editing environment within the FlashPalette website management application is not that versatile: you are limited in editing logo, fonts, content pages and website colors. Plus, designs from the Premium category look too similar to those from the Basic one. 3D photo website theme looks cool though.

All templates work both on Mac and PC, although Basic and Standard sites are compatible with 04, 05 PC only and 06 PC only respectively. FlashPalette provides phone and email support and you can also find some user guides on their official website.

FlashPalette is a low-price market segment representative. Hence, it’s a budget-friendly solution. However, you should remember that paying less money you get less functionality and visual attractiveness, so be sure to weigh all the pros and cons before buying this product.

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