Thursday, January 21, 2010

CreativeMotionDesign Review

Company name: CreativeMotionDesign


CreativeMotionDesign offers customizable flash websites for photographers. The service brings a positive impression, so let’s look more thoroughly at what this company offers.

There two main website template categories available: Classic Gallery and Elite Gallery. The first one consists of 9 designs to choose from, $95 each. For this money you get customizable design, unlimited pages, free blog, FTP storage, multi-track music player, iPhone friendly HTMl mirror site, client upgrade account and splash page. The service provider also promises you will experience an easy content management, which you can by the way test during a free 10 day trial. To check the system from the inside, I’ve signed up for the trial period. Everything looks fine in general, however, I think it’s sort of exaggeration to call section “Design Settings” when it contain only Logo, Company name and Font settings. In spite of rich feature-set mentioned above, everything looks much plainer when you enter the CMS. Thus, I can’t rearrange menu bar, I can only choose its position on the HTML version of the website. Besides, you don’t have much to do with pages, too little options are offered.

When we move up to the Elite Gallery, we see 11 design themes to choose from. Each one costs $295. Designs have a minimalist, clean style which corresponds to the modern trends well. The list of features is now enlarged with proofing/shopping cart, video page and editable backgrounds. Neat options, indeed, but not sure whether this addition equals $200 value.

All flash photo templates have website statistics feature and are SEO-optimized. Uh-oh, gotcha CreativeMotionDesign! After we’ve tested a couple of your websites ( we found no SEO-friendliness there. Intro page is the only page that is indexed by Google, but this is surely not enough. However, Blogspot blogs attached to the sites are indexed, but this is not fair – all blogs appear in Google index and it’s a cheat to call this “SEO-friendly”.

Flash photography website templates by CreativeMotionDesign look great, but when it comes to the content management system, it’s not that rich. As a result, you don’t have many possibilities in terms of website customization. In case you like the template as it is and don’t plan to apply many changes to it, CreativeMotionDesign can be a decent solution for you.

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