Tuesday, January 26, 2010

OtherPeoplePixels Review

Company name: OtherPeoplePixels

Website: https://otherpeoplespixels.com

OtherPeoplePixels (OPP) provides both Flash and HTML website templates for photographers and artists. All templates are customizable and don’t require professional skills in coding.

On the company’s official website you can find a step-by-step presentation of the system, glance through the design previews, browse live websites built with OPP, familiarize yourself with the prices and sign up for the 14 day free trial.

I’ve subscribed to the OPP in order to check what advantages this provider can deliver. From what I saw, OtherPeoplePixel is a quite accessible and handy service that enables to create photo websites with no big efforts. The website management system is designed in a minimalist way – it’s a vertically scrolling list of hyperlinked text divided into categories. There are 12 flash template themes to choose from. Nice thing that OPP guys don’t pretend to offer a world-saving service – when you are about to select a flash design for your website, they honestly notify you that flash-based skins are not the best solution for SEO and your site may not appear in the search results for your name or other keywords. OPP recommends you to choose HMTL templates instead.

Admin panel for HTML template differs from the one for flash photo template. It’s shown as web page sketch with captions for each page segment. You need to click on those captions to edit a certain section. This system reminds a website builder and looks fun to work with. I loved the variety of default fonts that can be applied to the website title. Tag cloud available in each section editor considerably simplifies the process of better solution search.

OPP is a hosted solution, so you can’t host your website on your own server. However, you are free to choose a domain name, you can order it at OPP or buy it anywhere else. There two plans available – Standard and Multimedia. Both packages are almost equal: ability to upload sound and video artwork and bigger space for content is what makes Multimedia plan differ. With this, Standard price plan will cost you $16/mo or $160 per year, while a more advanced Multimedia package costs $26 monthly or $260 yearly.

OPP is definitely an option to keep in mind. Of course, it’s not the most affordable solution I’ve seen, but if spending $160-$260 yearly sounds good to you, OtherPeoplePixels website management application is worth your attention.

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