Friday, January 15, 2010

Photoidentities Review

Company name: Photoidentities


Photoidentities supplies flash websites and web software for visual professionals. There are 2 categories of flash website templates available, Pro Sites and Eco Sites.

The eco-series includes simple photo site templates with a rather limited options and boring designs. There are 7 templates to choose from, you can see a live preview of each. Eco templates come both in stand-alone version and with some additional services included. The template itself costs $100; if you want to host your site with Photoidentities, this will cost you $100 one-time fee + $99/year. Having a blog integrated in your website will cost you $100 more, and if you want to support this package with an advanced SEO, you will have to pay $800 one-time fee + $99 annually. At this point eco templates hardly can be called “affordable”. No doubt, high quality SEO service is worth its price, but would you like to promote a website that is not visually attractive at all? Exactly.

Photoidentities offers some more advanced photography websites grouped into the pro-series. The stand-alone pro site costs $300, while the price for the package consisting of website, blog, basic hosting and advanced SEO is $1,200. The pro website includes such neat features as customizable fonts, backgrounds and landing page, drag-and-drop interface, ability to upload music, video and slideshows, etc. Still, the offered functionality doesn’t correspond to price in full measure. Pro template live demos are not available for viewing, you can browse the gallery of sites built on these templates though.

As usual, we tested a couple of Photoidentities driven websites for SEO-friendliness. and shamefully failed the test. Home page data, meta title and keywords are everything that was indexed by Google. Therefore, the built-in SEO feature is implemented on a low level here. Hopefully, guys from Photoidentities do more justice to their “advanced SEO” service which costs from $600 to $1550.

Unfortunately, there is no opportunity to check the content management system within the live preview – no trial period is offered.

Photoidentities doesn’t offer a good price/quality ratio. Pro templates are worth your attention, but they are quite pricy – take it into account when examining this website software solution.

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