Friday, December 25, 2009

PortfolioSitez Review

Company name: PortfolioSitez


PortfolioSitez is a small company founded by two charming ladies Jamie and Jen. If you are about to create an online photography portfolio, take a look at what they offer. There are 5 templates available at PortfolioSitez gallery. The designs are done in a classical style. I think the opportunities the Flash gives to the designers are not used here in full measure. You won’t see any fancy effects , but if you search for a simple, yet nice looking website design, you can find one at PortfolioSitez.

You can choose both stand-alone version of the template (which can reside on your own Linux server) and the one supported with a content management suit and hosting on PortfolioSitez servers. All templates are available for the preview, there are even a few modified versions showcased, so you could see what you can do with the site. There is no public admin interface preview or trial period, but you can request the sample preview, which is not bad either.

3 templates of 5 have HMTL mirror site option. This enable quick site loading, but unfortunately, doesn’t live up our expectations concerning SEO-friendliness. We tested one of the Portfolio Sitez’ customer website The Flash version of website is disappointingly un-SEO-friendly, and when we click on HTML version of the website, Flash is loading again! Well, bugs happen :) At least we are glad to see that PortfolioSitez don’t lie about super SEO friendly websites they offer.

There are three basic plans for those who decided to go with PortoflioSitez: Entry Plan is the most elementary one, it goes without some useful feature like integrated shopping cart and password protected galleries, as well as html mirror site, but you’ll have to pay $20 setup fee and $5 re-occurring fee monthly. Next step in their price plan is Standard, it includes html mirror option for some templates and calendar section. If you like this, kindly add $6 to the monthly fee, the setup fee is the same. Premium templates include the complete set of features and cost $16/mo + $20 set up fee. If you want to order a single template and host it on your own server, you can buy it for $200, but notice they have some specific requirements to the third-party severs.

To conclude the above said, PortfolioSitez is a pretty nice and affordable service. You can find customers’ positive feedback on their Testimonials page. What I like about this company, is that it doesn’t charge more than it offers. If you want to have a simple, nice looking photography websites with some basic yet useful functionality, if unique design and extraordinary online identity are not among you current business goals, PortfolioSitez is a good solution for you.

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  1. The only problem that I have with this company is that they look like they copy designs from other website companies.