Monday, December 28, 2009

Jalbum Review

Company name: Jalbum


Jalbum provides photo album websites that you can customize by means of skins and widgets. You can publish your album to or your own website. Content management system is out of the question here, Jalbum is a nice service for beginner and amateur photographers who want to combine some personal space with the ability to share their works with the big community.

Jalbum provides three types of accounts: Free, Premium and Power. 30MB storage, ads appearing on your page and number of home page themes limited to 4 is what you can get for free. If you are about to customize your page design you can switch to the Premium account which regularly costs $23 per year. All the same options supported with 10Gb storage are available in Power account ($116/year regular price).

In order to create a site with Jalbum you need to download the Jalbum application to your computer. Skins can be applied to your website after you download them too. You can also add functionality to your Jalbum by integrating some widgets.

Basically, Jalbum is a photography social network with customizable personal space. Quite a nice service as long as it suits your requirements. Best of all about it that it’s free.

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