Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bludomain Review

Company name: Bludomain

Website: www.bludomain.com

Bluedomain is the company selling ready-made websites for photographers, their prices for website vary from $50 to $400 depending on website look and feel and functionality. Basic websites include features like adding your logo and background, but have a set number of pages and photo galleries. $100 websites have more advanced functionality, which includes shopping cart, photo, video and music uploaders and watermark. $400 websites are most advanced and include features like unlimited galleries, calendar, proofing section, shopping cart, optional video feature, songs per gallery but still a limited number of pages. Colors on site can’t be changed and there’s not much design freedom.

You can host your website on your own (with any hosting company) or host with Bludomain and the hosting fee depends on the package that you choose. Website designs are pretty nice but there is one big problem about this company, the lack of customer support. If you search online for the Bludomain reviews you’ll be surprised by the number of people dissatisfied with product delivery time and support. Still and what makes us wonder, tens of people order from Bludomain.com every month (based on customer list they publish on their website).

Bludomain is not showing up in the search engines on the first 3 pages for any query related to photography website creation and design, as well as photography website software that makes us think that they rely mostly on offline advertizing campaigns and maybe that’s the reason of the poor online support.

The other thing that I personally don’t like about Bludomain is being added to the list of customers on their website. I mean that all the websites look more or less similar and seeing another 10 people ordering that same template that same month would definitely be a red stop sign for me. I don’t want my clients to know that I’m using a template for my website and I don’t want them to find other 10 similar websites from that list.

I have reviewed over 100 websites based on Bludomain designs. Some of them say Bad Gateway, some still have the default Bludomain in website title, some designs look beautiful, some look ugly.
Overall Bludomain is not a bad system to have your photography website built, but according to google more and more people are looking for “bludomain vs”, ” bludomain alternatives”, “bludomain review”, “alternative to bludomain”, “ bludomain competitors”. It’s up to you only, whether to order from Bluedomain or look for alternatives (check the list of the reviews available on the right).

Hope this small review was helpful. Good luck!


  1. Thanks for the insight.

  2. the problem is, NO ONE's sites are quite as well designed and custom LOOKING at bludomains. I am trying so hard not to order from them right now, but I just can't find a similar site elsewhere... :(