Monday, December 28, 2009

Ktools Review

Company name: Ktools

Website: is a Michigan, USA based web software provider specializing in professional software for selling and hosting photos online. They have three packages to choose from: PhotoStore ($295 per package), PhotoHost ($195 per package) and PhotoSuit ($396 per package).

There is both public view and admin interface of all software packages available for the preview. We took a look at the management area demo and must admit, done justice to them developing these products. PhotoStore includes all tools and options necessary for managing a professional, advanced photo selling website. By means of this package you can create a full-fledged stock photo website and also sell both your personal photography and prints. Among other great features are: ability to sell video files, lightbox plugin, changeable watermark, built in statistics, multi-language and multi-currency support. In case you want to create a pro photo hosting website, PhotoHost solution might be what you are looking for. You can integrate both website schemes by choosing the PhotoSuit package.

Still and though we like the features offered, I have to admit that designs they offer with the software are outated and boring. The other thing I didn’t like about the services is that they are not accessible for non-professional users. The designs of all three kits are customizable, but you need to know HTML to do that. The website management environment is rich, but don’t look intuitive and user-friendly. They claim to offer an expert Support, but it’s free only first 60 days, than you will have to pay for the service. Besides, they don’t offer any help on customizing your website, such requests will be simply ignored. is undoubtedly a nice service, but if you have no idea of how to manage or customize a website, it will be either a pain for you to deal with these products yourself or a pain for your purse to pay for the support.. Still, software may be worth a try, since it can be a good base for a powerful commercial photo website.

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