Wednesday, December 30, 2009

MorePhotos Review

Company name: MorePhotos


Recently we’ve stumbled across another photo website oriented software provider, MorePhotos. At first, we were shocked with the amount of info presented at the company’s official website - so many menu sections prevents from getting a quick idea about what MorePhotos is.

Somehow we found the testimonial page and here’s another shock – the designs of websites built with MorePhotos. Interesting, the company offers both photo web templates and custom website solutions, but all the offered designs look terrible and out of date. This is true of both flash and HTML template designs they offer. We even thought they have the same designer with ifp3. If you are about creating an attractive personal identity on the Web, MorePhotos website templates and “custom” designs are a big no-no.

Basically, MorePhotos is an E-Commerce solution providing a web software package for photographers to upload and sell their photos online. Along with the proofing system, they offer some website creation tools enabling to select from several layouts, add your logo, colors, photographs and content to create unlimited number of pages. You can also integrate the system into your existing website and I would say this is the only option for you to make MorePhotos work. I mean this way you can avoid ugly designs they offer but take advantage of the core service. Good point is that you can choose whether to host your site with MorePhotos or with a third-party provider.

MorePhotos is a desktop software package, so you can’t go without downloads, installations and settings. At least, they provide free support service you can apply to via email or phone. 30 days money back guarantee is a nice feature as well, but it’s unclear whether you can claim a refund after 30 days or 60 days.

With all this, MorePhotos is far from being an affordable service. Their pricing model includes $200 set-up fee and monthly plans that depend on the number of image you host. $49/mo is the minimal fee you pay to upload up to 2500 images. Plus, there are some additional fees for extra uploads and customization services.

You can use MorePhotos as a proofing add-on for your existing photography website if the price doesn’t frighten you off. If you don’t have a website, don’t be tempted to follow MorePhotos promises that you will build a unique, elegant website with their site creation tools – your hopes will be disappointed.

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